Homeopathy Software by Zentrum Publishing lists over 400 homeopathic remedies (Materia Medica) with symptoms & health problems.
Homeopathy Software - main menu screenshotThe Homeopathy Shareware version includes:
50 Homeopathic remedies
50 Affliction listings

Homeopathy Software Program Registration ($18.95 CAD) includes:
436 Homeopathic remedies
377 Affliction listings
Affliction Charts: Bones / Muscles, Cardiovascular, Digestive, Eye, Male, Female, Mind / Nervous System, Skin
Cell Salts (tissue salts)
Tongue Diagnostics

A free Databank program (MDB) is also included with your purchase to record your own list of homeopthic remedies, symptoms and afflictions (value of $9.95 CAD)!

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$18.95 USD/CAD
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Software upgrades are FREE for registered owners of Homeopathy Software
System Requirements: Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Vista/XP/ME/2000/NT/98
Please visit our Help Page for support & troubleshooting tips! For further tech support,
please email Homeopathy's Support Form to: contact [at] homeopathy-software.net
Thank you. Zentrum Publishing.

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Cardiovascular System ChartAfflictions Databank

homeopathy software is award-winning and certified 100% CLEAN:
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Independant Software Review by: Backwoods Living

Homeopathy can be obtained as part of the Natural Healing Collection
~ a package of ten comprehensive programs for one discount price.

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