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Introduction to Homeopathy

From the Greek homoion (similiar) and pathein (disease), Homeopathy is based on the principle: "Like shall be cured by like". To use an example, a substance that causes nausea can be used to treat nausea. The key behind this principle lies in the minute dosage (dilution) of the original substance, so even substances that are potentially harmful or deadly can be used as remedies when taken in the smallest of quantities. To arrive at these smallest quantities the original substance goes through a process called "Potentization", whereby it is mixed and diluted often to the point where next to nothing of the original substance can be found in the final potentized remedy.

The principles of Homeopathy were discovered by Samuel Hahnemann (1755 - 1843).

Even at this time in history, it was well known that medicines meant to heal can have negative side-effects. Hahnemann, in an attempt to bypass these side-effects, tried using smaller dosages and found that these dosages may be as effective as the full dosages - and without the side-effects. Inspired by these results, Hahnemann tried to find out how small an effective dosage can be. Eventually, through the process of Potentization, he discovered that a remedy could be produced containing next to nothing of the original substance. He also discovered that the best remedies were those derived from substances that (in their non-diluted forms) caused symptoms similiar to those of the patient's disease.

So how can a 99.999% pure water remedy - that once contained a harmful substance - have a therapeutic effect?
The answer to this question is not entirely understood, but one main theory presents itself: As the original gross substance is slowly diluted away and removed, it leaves behind a vibrational energy, or electro-magnetic signature, in the resulting remedy. This signature becomes clearer and more potent with each successive dilution, as more and more of the original substance is removed. The human brain (which processes information using electrical currents as well as chemicals) is then able to read this electro-magnetic signature, recognize the threat of the harmful (albeit absent) substance, and respond accordingly by generating a countering therapeutic effect.

Additionally, many homeopaths believe that homeopathic remedies are also effective because:
- the brain may be better able to respond faster to electro-magnetic signatures than to physical substances; and
- homeopathic remedies do not need to be metabolized and therefore won't deplete any of the body's enzymes or vitamins, unlike many drugs or other physical substances.

Water as Information Carrier

The first discovery that water can receive, store and transmit information came from the immunologist Jacques Beneviste*, whose work indicated that water can retain information about dissolved chemicals. Further evidence comes from the scientist Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, who shows that pollutants can leave a negative vibrational imprint in drinking water which remains after the pollutants have been removed.

Another important discovery about water is that it's molecules have both a positive and negative pole, like tiny magnets. Water molecules that are excited by sound or electro-magnetic stimulation can magnetically attach themselves to neighboring molecules, creating clusters consisting of up to hundreds of molecules.

Even sound and emotions can have a direct influence on the shape of these clusters! The Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto has clearly demonstrated this effect by exposing water samples to a variety of sounds, feelings, and direct thoughts and then freezing them to photograph the resulting crystal structures... And both sound and emotion were shown to have a direct influence on the shape of the naturally-formed crystals! This is terrific evidence that water indeed has a memory and can act as an information carrier.

Furthermore, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has confirmed that water remedies "diluted" to a degree that all of the original substance has been removed still show the unique electro-magnetic signature of the original substance.

* The work of Jacques Beneviste has generated many supporters - and many skeptics. An informative article describing the failures and successes of replicating Beneviste's findings can be found online at the Guardian Unlimited:
"Thanks for the memory" - "Experiments have backed what was once a scientific 'heresy' " - author, Lionel Milgrom

Information on the Structure of Water

We recommend: "The Structure of Liquid Water: Novel Inside from material research; Potential relevance to Homeopathy," from R. Roy, I.R. Bell, W.A. Tiller and R. Hoover; published in Materials Research Innovations, No. 9 (2005), Issue 4: pp.78-103. This paper demonstates the possible structural change in water by three methods: Epitaxy which involves the transfer of information from a substance to a liquid; Succussing which changes the structure of a liquid by applying pressure; and Nanobubbles used in colloids to change the structure of a liquid.

As an easier read we recommend "The Healing Power of Water" by Masaru Emoto with contributions from various top scientists. 2007. Hay House, Inc. Additional information and photographs of frozen water crystals can also be viewed on the Office Masaru Emoto website.

Is Homeopathy good for every person and every disease?

No! Any serious disease requires professional attention!
Some of the homeopathic remedies are useful only as supportive follow-up treatment!

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