How to Make Your Makeup Last Long On Special Occasions 

Whether it is for a wedding or just a night out, doing your makeup to have it disappear by the end is not something you look for. In fact, doing your makeup and using a few tricks to keep it locked in place for longer is something many people are unaware of. So, what do you do when you want a long-lasting makeup look?



Some tips and tricks to help you keep your makeup on longer. 


Using a primer 

Many people believe this is an extra step in makeup routines and do not use a primer. However, if you are someone whose makeup keeps slipping off, you may want to consider it.


Multiple makeup brands are launching their primers. So try to invest in a high-quality primer that suits your skin type. You never know, it may become a product you swear by. 


Using powder 

If you are someone who has oily skin, using a powder to set in all that liquid foundation and concealer on your face is a must. Powder helps to lock everything in that you had just applied onto your face.


Many people dislike using powder as they seem to think it makes their face look “cakey” This can happen when the powder is applied incorrectly. Remember to use little amounts in areas where you need them. Most commonly applied to the t zone. 


Using a setting spray 

Setting sprays are designed to help you have your makeup last long. After finishing your look, make sure you apply an even layer of setting spray with your eyes closed. It significantly lengthens the wear of your foundation and powders, making you less likely to touch up. 



As reviewed, these makeup tips are foolproof and will indeed make your makeup last a long time. Be sure to play around with different techniques to see what suits you and your skin the best.