Make-up tips with essential oils to save the day

Most women don’t want to put themselves down, yet they are unaware of how to appear when in a particular formal occasion or special gathering. However, few women lack the understanding of the things they require to be conscious enough. Most of them are not exposed to cosmetic products like fashion accessories and make-up. Besides putting on make-up, a woman needs to know other things regarding her skin to get the best out of the cosmetics. For example, the need to understand the type of skin and the product to use. Check out this essential oils bio to get 100% organic oils for all skin types.

When it comes to make-ups, it is essential to know what really works and what doesn’t. Therefore, below are a few make-up tricks that will save the day despite the formula, brand, and technology used in the make-up.

Tricks when applying make-up

The only thing you need to have a perfect make-up session is dedication, a positive spirit, and a few tips.

Starting a fresh

You need to apply make-up immediately after exfoliating, washing, and moisturising your face. The combination of facial massage, your cream, serum or oil choice, and warm water will make everything good by buffing away flakes, plumping up lines, and hydrating dry skin. Therefore, don’t waste time between cleaning your face, moisturising, and applying your make-up.

Eye before face make-up

This is the smartest and mess-free order you can have. You will not worry about fallout powder shadow under the eyeliner or on cheeks that can mess with the concealer or foundation and require re-do. Your eye make-up will remain fresh and smoother if you prep lids with a cream shadow or primer.


Use a black or brown gel pencil

Gel pencil will give you more pigment than the ordinary Kohl pencil, more flattering compared to harsh liquid, and less messy than a brush. These waterproof pencil liners will recreate more defined, firmer eyes. When applying make-up, rest your elbow on a hard surface like the table or the arm of the chair to be steady.

For perfect eye make-up with gel pencil, start at the very end of the eye and apply toward the tear duct. Fill the gaps by getting close enough to lash roots. You can press the eyebrow bone gently to see the underside of the line and rim.

Go for a neutral shadow to accent your eyes

Using natural hues (cool and warm tones for light and dark eyes, respectively) never fails. It is not necessary to do the whole contour deal. However, remember that a shimmery pale shadow on your eyelids can bring a big sparkling difference to tired eyes. When applied above and in the crease, a medium shade can make the eyes look larger and erase the fleshy overhang. The charcoals and darkest browns act as the smoky coat for the gel eyeliner to hide or soften squiggles.

Select the right brush size

Women who apply make-ups should know the different sizes of brushes and their use to avoid making mistakes. Make-up brushes are made in different sizes to suit the different demands and needs of women who care about their looks when outside. Having the right tool for a certain work makes the process swift and easier, similar to applying make-up.

You shouldn’t ignore the fact that beauty sometimes is not only measured by how beautiful or classy the dress you have is but also by the way you put it on. Therefore, having different make-up brushes will help you apply make-up and reduce the hassle of running to a beautician every time you have a special occasion. The brush size affects the usability and the area to apply make-up. Follow the about tips, and you will be on a safer side with your make-up.