Ways to appear more stylish than you are

Some people no matter how normal they are dressed appear to have that flair of style that is simply very enviable. I know tons of people who wear style on their sleeves and I have always thought about how to become one of them. But then I came across this amazing book that gave me all the details of how to generate one’s style and own it. 

This article contains all the details of how to appear more stylish and have a persona that exalts fashion. 



How to appear more stylish.

Be more confident.

Acceptance of the way you are is key to appear more confident and confidence is the first step to appear more stylish. If your persona exudes confidence, you are more likely to be taken seriously and will appear more fashionable. Just try to be more confident in your skin. 


Dress impeccably. 

The first thing people notice about you is your clothes and the way you dress. Just remember to keep this saying in your head, “dress to impress”. It doesn’t matter where you are going, you need to dress remarkably for any occasion. Dressing well is important for looking more stylish. 


Don’t ever forget the importance of the shoes. 

Shoes speak more than a whole outfit put together. Pair your dress with the best and the most stylish pair of shoes. Just be sure that they match the overall theme you are aiming for. 



Your facial expressions have a ton to say about your style. Keeping a demeanor that is hard or dull, takes away your beauty. Appear friendly, open, and smile as much as possible. It lights up your whole face.


Be mindful of the accessories you carry. 

Be selective of your choice of accessories. Carrying too much, or things that are too bright can contradict your style statement therefore you should be mindful of:

  • The bags you carry
  • The jewelry you wear
  • The scarves you doll up with
  • And the extra layering clothes like jackets or coats you opt for.